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seagull IV X-2
seagull IV X-2


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Seagul IV drinking water purification systems. The X-2 for under sink purification unit, recommended for residential use, like all General Ecology products, are ecologically friendly and are designed to make your water safe, convenient and delicious. .... These space saving systems work without chemicals, electricity or hold time and they produce no waste water. All models feature our "Structured Matrix" technology which removes all three classes of contaminants: microbiological, chemical and aesthetic. ...... No chemicals hold time, electricity, double processing, large storage tanks or waste-water production. Sleek & Slim- Introducing Esprit faucet, the newest innovation to the Designer Series water purifiers, Esprit faucet's slim base and long reach swivel spout permit perfect positioning even on narrow bar sinks or sinks with multiple faucets. Beneath the counter, sophisticated beauty continues in the stainless steel housing that encases General Ecology's proprietary, chemical-free purification technology in a high flow, high capacity water purifier with RS-2SG purification cartridge featuring a pre-filter wrap for added protection 7.6 litres per minute under sink purification unit, recommended for residential use. ....... With Faucet Includes luxurious "Esprit" designer Faucet. Includes ceramic disk faucet, cartridge, "quick and easy" connection lines, installation kit and mounting hardware. .... Without Faucet For use "in-line" with existing faucet. Includes: cartridge, thermo plastic "quick and easy" connection lines, installation kit and mounting hardware. .... (Faucet available separately). ............................. Includes the Structured Matrix system
  • Flow Rate:7.6 litres per minute
  • AVG Capacity:8000 litres
  • Cartridge type: RS2SG (Structured Matrix)
  • Particle Retention Rating: 0.1 Micron Nominal (0.4 absolute)
  • Pressure Vessel Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Working Pressure: 25-100 PSI
  • Working Temperature: 0.5 °C - 38 °c
  • (Seagull IV X-2KF - Including Faucet ... 958.00 euros)
Manufactured by: General Ecology

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Water Purification
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